Shelving was the first storage solution and is still the most commonly used for the storage of about anything. Why is that? Imagine a library without shelving. It would be very difficult to locate your favorite Roald Dahl book scattered amongst the other books on the floor.
Thus Shelving is a dynamic and effective way to store small to large components while using the space effectively. Our shelving systems are a ‘must-have’ for any home, office, and warehouse to sort out those untidy spaces and resolve the problems of misplacement.

Our Shelving is easy to assemble and can be disassembled in no time with the option of a boltless system that is easy to adjust, it’s perfect for D.I.Y. (because anybody can).

While they’re economically priced, they’re made of premium quality making them ideal for relatively heavy loads.

A diverse range of options to choose from to suit your office storage needs as seen below.

Look no further, First provides and delivers!

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