Concrete Structural Floor

Heavy weight concrete mezzanine floor

Drawing detailing the requirements for a successful completion



It is essential to understand the weight load on each of the columns in order to establish the requirement for a stable foundation.  In this case, due to the weight of the equipment positioned onto this floor, we had to support the columns by means of piling.  (see below)

Piling drilled and filled with concrete and rebar

Piling Schedule of quantities

Number of Piles:- 26 Pipe piles
Core Diameter:- 200m

m diameter through the existing surface bed
Size of pipe:- 165mm diameter Install at 150kN not exceeding 2m below floor   level
Pile includes:- Reinforcing 3Y10 in top 2m of pile 25Mpa concrete filled
Shaft Stress:- 7MPa
Safe working load: 150kN

Shear pins welded onto main beams


Structural floor components

Main Beams:-
356 x 171 x 67kg’s  I Beam  SABS 1431 grade S355JR
Shear pins:-

Shear connectors of 150 x 200 x 150 x 20mm shear connectors spaced at 200mm apart.  Welded to the top flange on center line

Main beams supporting the QC Decking

254 x 254 x 88kg’s H columns SABS 1431 grade S355JR

Hot dipped galvanized:
All columns on ground level to be hot-dipped galvanized including base and capping plates
Base plate:
500 x 400 x 20mm base plates including gusset plates of 150mm x 10mm
Capping plate:
300 x 180 x 20mm capping plate welded to the top of each column 

Support structure for fridge panels (above concrete slab)

Main Beams:- 254 x 146 x 31kg’s I Beam SABS 1431 grade S355JR
Secondary beams:- 180 x 91 x 14.94kg’s IPE section
Columns:- 203 x 203 x 46kg’s x 254 x   88kg/m H columns SABS 1431   grade S355JR
Base plate: 300 x 300 x 12mm base plates
Capping plate:  300 x 300 x 12mm capping plate   welded to the top of each column

Finished floor level:-  4000mm

Clear Underside:-  3644mm
Carrying Capacity:-  2 000kg / Square meter 

QC Decking (formwork)

QC Decking:-QC Decking 54 x 250 x 1.2mm thick (galvanized)
Quantities:-148 Sections of 3640mm long  –  222 Sections of 3395mm long
QC Flashing:-FD1 Kerb Flashing 24 x 3000mm lengths
300mm girth 75 x 200 x 25
The system includesPop rivet aluminum seal 4.8 x 14
72 x 1000mm deck strapping – 2600 Q deck clips
Concrete slab
Concrete:-Formwork and cladding
Reinforced rebar seated into QC decking
Prop floor @ 1400mm spacing between main beams
76 props required – 21 days
Prop floor on the main beam – middle only 12 props required
Underfloor Floor completed with a polyurethane screed for wipe clean and non-slip finish

ISO paneling installed onto mezzanine floor including – doorways – lift shafts – piping drainage

First Office Storage Concepts took on the challenge and successfully completed the immense task of designing
and installing a 2 ton per square meter Concrete Structural Mezzanine Floor.  324 Square meters of Structural
floor was erected in an existing facility while production continued.  Concrete was poured, finishing of
polyurethane screeds and installing Iso paneling including roofing was all done with great precision and
without interruption of business as usual.  Thanks to the team at First Office Storage Concepts and all the other
parties that participated to conclude this awesome project.

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