Mini Rack Versatility

After returning from our December holiday we were met by a burst geyser and a river  flowing through our offices.  It was a disaster!!!
Pools of water everywhere, carpets, and wooden furniture skirting boards were just the start of damage caused, beside the waste of our precious resources.
Assessing the damage we found that most of our wooden furniture was destroyed by the water and so made the decision to replace with standard steel components.

Re-engineering mini rack frames and beams we designed our new desks, including the additional side extensions with our Mini Rack range.
Using the galvanised option with black tops gave a theme of high tech and a clean look.  We added levels to accommodate storage facilities including a computer tower storage facility, keeping them off the floor and away from wet mops and vacuum cleaners.
The inside of the beams and frames was used for the concealing of all the cabling keeping it neat and tidy.  Using a solid steel galvanised sheet to create a facade for the front and sides of the desk, we punched holes for a perforated finishing which gave it style and elegance.

Angle shelving allowed us to replace the wooden book shelf in our library and create other storage facilities.   After all was done and installed we found that this was a more cost effective way of replacing all our requirements and offering a more durable option should we experience water devastation again.

Checkout our final perforated panels in use to complete our office desks below!

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